We hope these guidelines are helpful. If questions still remain, you are welcome to contact the Foundation office at (516) 484-1344.
All proposals should be mailed to:
Marian Conway, Executive Director
Roslyn Savings Foundation
1400 Old Northern Boulevard
Roslyn, NY 11576-2127

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Grant Restrictions
Community Reinvestment Act

The Foundation will only fund 501(c) 3 agencies.
We will not fund religious, political, fraternal organizations or individuals.
Agencies will not be considered automatically for funding the following year. Proposals with updated attachments will need to be submitted.
In some cases, site visits will be scheduled before funding decisions are made.
An agency, approved for funding, will be expected to submit regular updates detailing the grant status and any matters the non-profit deems important.
The Foundation's primary target area is Long Island and areas of Queens. We are particularly interested in communities with diverse needs, as well as, areas where The Roslyn Savings Bank is an integral part of the neighboring business community. See information concerning CRA grants at right.

Historically, banking institutions look at development partnerships.
When The Roslyn Savings Bank established the Foundation, one of its primary purposes was to complement the Banks existing community development activities.
Traditional banking institutions respond to the Community Reinvestment Act by providing assistance to communities of low or moderate income families. With this said, the Foundation seeks to fund agencies involved in areas such as affordable housing, childcare, housing, economic development, and job training. A definition of CRA Eligibility is provided below.
CRA grants (Community Reinvestment Act), A federal regulation, is an activity of banks which assist low to moderate-income neighborhoods and/or individuals, therefore enabling banks to comply with this law.
Assisting Low to Moderate Income (LMI) Individuals
LMI income is up to 80% of median. In 2004, a Nassau-Suffolk family income of less than $85,300 was considered LMI. In New York City this number was $54,400. This figure is adjusted (generally upward) annually.
Generally speaking, the purpose of the CRA grant is to fund community based organizations in their efforts designed to assist LMI individuals and/or LMI neighborhoods.
The Foundation will require documentation to determine CRA eligibility before a review can take place.
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