Our guidelines will assist you in determining if you meet our funding requirements and help with the actual preparation of your agency's request. Please read this information carefully.
Your package should basically be in two parts. Please also note our grant restrictions and background information on the Community Reinvestment Act.
But, most importantly, your request should be clear, well thought out, and have realistic goals.

Grant Restrictions & Community Reinvestment Act
Part I: Grant Request Cover Letter
Part II: Grant Request Attachments
Be concise (1-2 pages).
Include the following:


Your specific request.

Appropriate back up material to substantiate your request i.e. budget, schedule, proposed outcome, etc.
If we were to fund your request, indicate the specific geographic reach it would have, i.e., county, borough, town.

Please list any grants or contributions you have received from the banks in the New York Community Bank family:
CFS Bank
First Savings Bank of New Jersey
Ironbound Bank
New York Commercial Bank
Queens County Savings Bank
Richmond County Bank
also Richmond County
Savings Foundation
Roosevelt Savings Bank
Roslyn Savings Bank

We maintain files on all agencies we fund so, if you are applying for the first time, this is when we are interested in receiving material that covers your agency's historical background. However, if you have received grants from us in the past, there is no need to resubmit this data year after year.

Each year, whether you have been previously funded or not, your grant request must include the following current data:


A complete copy of current 990 Form.
A complete copy of current financial audit.
List of Board of Directors and their business affiliations.
List of current (last 12 months) business contributors and
foundation grants including the level of support.
If any of the above information is not included, and there is no explanation as to why, your proposal will not be submitted to our Board for review.
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