This year we are strategically focusing on our grantees that are based in the most challenged neighborhoods. This includes five new long-term grants for hospitals and free clinics that provide medical treatment for families in such communities in Queens and Long Island.
The NYCB Foundation will continue to fund general operating expenses. We urge executive directors to submit simple, clear grant requests that are not as staff/time consuming, hopefully freeing your time for mission-based activities. We also frown on expensive packaging and overnight delivery. When you put together end-of-year reports on the grants you received from us, please remember to let us know what did not work as well as the successes.
Email us with your thoughts and questions any time. We wish only good things for you and your organizations as you face the challenges in the year ahead.
Letter from the Executive Director
No doubt about it, things have been interesting in the nonprofit sector recently. 75% of our grantees reported the loss of significant funding during their fiscal year that included 2009. That is actually a better number than we expected, which leads us to wonder if comedian Steven Wright was correct when he said, "If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something."
Although our poll of grantees was not scientific, the 136 grantees that responded did represent a cross-section of almost every type of public charity on Long Island and Queens. We are all aware that the current economic climate has placed most nonprofit organizations in a perilous predicament; staffing is cut, our salaries have been frozen, government funding is shrinking and corporations are not comfortable enough with the recovery to release profits for contributions yet. It is a difficult environment within which to work, but we at the Foundation continue to be inspired by the dedicated, hard-working individuals at the nonprofit organizations we fund.
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